Religiously, Socially and Morally  Street Begging Is Wrong

Abba Dukawa

Street begging cuts across gender, tribes and age groups, with young children and babies in this ignoble trade. Street Begging seen as a new form of slavery, as stories abound of organized gangs sometimes forcing vulnerable children and women into begging.  Even though some peoples related street begging to Muslims or certain tribe. There is no other religion or moral system which teach humans the ways to preserve their integrity, morality and honor as much as Islam does. In Islam, the future of the community and its honor and integrity are important; similarly the honor of one’s self is important and must absolutely be preserved. In islam each Muslim is responsible to preserve that valuable trust. 

So, in order to preserve that trust, people are shown all the ways of virtue and are commanded to abstain from evil. Islam commands and encourages working and views it as a high virtue; it forbids and disapproves laziness and begging. This street begging and other forms of begging   has serious implications and consequences for big towns and cities. Considered to be economically unproductive they are also believed to constitute threat to national security. 

The increasing population of beggars in most Nigerian cities and towns is becoming alarming with different categories of beggars at road junctions, markets places, motor parks, religious worship centres and so on. In fact religiously  Begging  in whatever form Is Wrong. However, begging, which impairs human honor and virtue, shatters personality and leads to the exploitation of benevolent people’s pure feelings, is regarded as an ugly act. 

 Now kano state government outlawed street begging  in the state which its a welcome development but some peoples with cynical interest strongly criticised Ganduje’s adminstration policy despites knowing each day where hundreds of thousands of school age children roam about the streets begging. Even those that criticising the ban knowing its right time for the government to  avert an impending catastrophe. After all, some of us are aware that there is nothing Islamic about the Almajiri system; it’s a mere product of the tradition of sort in the north. 

Even before outlawed street begging Ganduje’s administration has  shows its political will by   integrated the Almajiri system into its education policy. With this integration, the Almajiri schools are expected to include English and Arithmetic in their curriculum to enable the children to acquire the knowledge of the Holy Qur’an and other types of education, to be able to continue their education to secondary schools and beyond. 

As it is, Ganduje government‘s new policy seems to be a win-win for everyone as the children will have access to both Islamic and western  education. This is good policy and there is  need for him to use all the executive power at his disposal to end this crime against children.

Similarly,  To end this child abuse any Almajiri teacher that thinks he cannot cope with the new system has been asked to leave the state whereas the  parents and guardians of such children will be taken to court to face the wrath of the law. In according to UBEC act Every  child by law is entitled to compulsory education of six years in primary school and three years of junior secondary education. But In other way Ganduje make it up to senior secondary school level with promise to subsidised  tertiary education. As the future of any society can only be guaranteed if it takes adequate care of its youthful population or future generations

To even those that seeing the outlawed in other ways knowing It is unfathomable that in this age and time when kids who should be in school or doing something positive with their lives are left to roam about the streets, all in the name of whatever social/cultural/religious or political nuances. The outlawed  Almajiri begging toward this untoward social behavior, on the need to put a stop to this practice. 

An Islamic scholar


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