Massive Female Python With 48 Eggs Killed In Lagos Petrol Station

A massive female python with 48 eggs was killed on Thursday, 6th February 2020 at the Conoil Fueling Station situated in Apapa, Lagos.

The python was discovered hiding inside the lubricant warehouse where it was sighted by one of the attendants who immediately raised an alarm.

On getting there with Iron rods & Machetes, it was discovered that the Female python had already laid 48 eggs inside the warehouse.

Trust Lagosians to do the needful as the python snake was sent to her ultimately Death as her flesh meat with her 48 eggs were shared & divided Amongst the Stomach Infrastructure department present at the scene of event!

We learnt that there’s also a Male Python within that Vincinty that might be lurking somewhere searching for its partner, the female python that was killed yesterday becos inside that Warehouse where the eggs were laid happens to be their Love abode! So we implore people plying their trades around that axis to shine their eyes very well as the Male Python is a very dangerous species!


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