Polling guru John Curtice exposes ‘toxic combination’ that led to ‘inevitable’ Labour loss

SIR JOHN CURTICE has revealed the “toxic combination” that led to the “inevitable” downfall of the Labour Party in the December 2019 election.

Polling expert Sir John Curtice spoke to talkRADIO’s James Max to offer his final words on the 2019 election result.

The political guru’s exit poll predicted a Conservative win with an overall majority of 86. In the end, Boris Johnson’s Tories stormed to victory with an 80-seat majority, while Labour’s “toxic combination” of problems gave them their worst result since 1935.

Sir John Curtice reveals why Labour massively ‘suffered’ in election
Sir John told talkRADIO: “The one thing, almost undoubtedly, that most of us will remember about the 2019 election in 12 months time is that phrase: ‘get Brexit done’.

“What Labour were not able to do was to come up with a phrase, a message, a symbol, an image, that explained what was the kind of Britain that it wanted to create.

“That, inevitably, meant that, as a result, rather than voters being enthused by Labour’s radical programme for change, for making Britain more equal, the attention of the electorate was focused very successfully on some of the technical weaknesses.

“Not least the idea that nobody other than the top five percent richest people were going to pay more in the way of income tax.”

He added: “The failure to present a broad message that attracted voters on the domestic front, trying to triangulate on Brexit and having a leader who in the end did not convince, that was almost inevitably a pretty toxic combination.”

Jeremy Corbyn announced that he will not be leading the Opposition party into another general election.

However, he will stay in the leadership post until March, when a new leader has been elected.

Shadow Brexit Secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, has already tossed his hat into the ring.

However, Mr Max warned that the MP becoming Labour leader would be an “electoral disaster” for anyone outside of the “metropolitan bubble”.

He told Sir John: “You talk about the Labour Party particularly having difficulty convincing those who wanted to leave the European Union to vote Labour.

“The Shadow Brexit Secretary, who was very much in favour of those court cases that so many people found abhorrent if you wanted to leave the European Union.”

Tony Blair blames Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘comic indecision’ for Labour defeat

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He continued: “Sir Keir Starmer, who wanted to ignore the wishes of the people, no matter how many times they voted and said that they wanted to leave the European Union.

“If he were to become the leader of the Labour Party, I’m sure for the metropolitan elite, they’ll be delighted.

“For anybody else, outside of that metropolitan bubble, this is an electoral disaster.”

Rebecca Long-Bailey is the favourite of the Corbyn allies to take over.

Other names include Emily Thornberry, Jess Phillips and Lisa Nandy.


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