Bayelsa-Born Chess Wizkid receives Motherly blessings as ahe departs for Nambia

Juliet Pulu-Zifawei, President/Founder of Juliet Pulu Foundation International, today, received and blessed Bayelsa-born Chess Wizkid, Miss Deborah Quickpen with her motherly blessings as she departs Nigeria for Nambia for the 2019 African Chess Championships.

The youngest Gold medalist, Miss Deborah Quickpen was received at her residence in Yenagoa.

Miss Quickpen will be representing Nigeria at the 2019 Young Chess competition.

Pulu-Zifawei who is also the Director General of the Bayelsa State Girl-Child Protection Bureau prayed for little Deborah that she will come back with the trophy to Nigeria and make Bayelsa State proud and happy.

She emphasized the need for little Deborah to take her studies seriously despite her early exposure to fame noting that education is the only thing that will sustain her global recognition insisting without it she will fizzle away like the wind.

Pulu-Zifawei, who is the founder of Juliet Pulu Foundation promised to partner and work with her adding that there is so much she will do with her foundation because it stands for young girls who are exploring their talents and potential for good use.

She seized the opportunity to thanked Coach Ada Gwegwe, the coordinator of the Team Deborah Quickpen for the discovery of this raw talent but encourage him to continue to discover and development more talents in Bayelsa State.

The DG noted there are many raw potentials wasting away because nobody cares about them but for people like Ada Gwegwe there is hope for such young person who don’t have the opportunity to express them.

Pulu-Zifawei also thanked the parents of Little Deborah for being a clear example of a good parental upbringing for allowing their daughter to discover her potential early in life.

She adviced parents to allow their children irrespective the gender to display their talent in any area of life especially when that potential will positively affect society.

The DG also thanked all well meaning individuals who have supported the little girl and made it possible for her to embark on trip to Nambia.


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