By Eche Amos

(Reader’s discretion advised, as it contains some disturbing images).

Nothing gives me more joy and satisfaction in life like service to God and humanity. You may feel weary starting it, but when you are able to finish it, that feeling of satisfaction is inevitably genius.

Today, Ovey Friday, the 13-year-old boy from Wulko Community, Nasarawa Eggon Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, who almost lost his life or hands, after they were burnt with fire after he was accused of being a wizard by his step-mother, with the connivance of other family members and a native doctor, underwent a successful surgery and is ALIVE and speedily responding to treatment at Cedar Crest Hospitals, Abuja (has been discharged, but now visits there after every two days).

Both the treatment and surgery bills for Ovey Friday from Dalhatu Araf Specialist Hospital, Lafia to Cedar Crest Hospitals, Abuja, cost so much, running into many zeros, but thank God for humanitarians who saw the need to act fast, placing humanity first.

However, Ovey lost his left hand through amputation, while some fingers on the right hand were equally cut off because the doctors said the cells there were dead(as can be seen in the photos).

The young boy, who is now with the maternal grandmother close to Abuja, told me he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. This is achievable, no matter what, unless death!!!

I want to specially thank:

  1. Lucas Naomi( CEO, ECLAT, a Creative Consulting firm based in Lagos). You are a dame and a woman of substance in the category of Sarah. You made and make things happen.
  2. Halima Gayam(ChannelsTV Correspondent).
  3. Stephanie Busari(Supervising Producer, Cable Network News, CNN).
  4. Umar Muhammed Clint (Punch Newspaper Correspondent).
  5. Bola Longe (Commissioner of Police, Nasarawa State Command) for ensuring the perpetrators are brought to book.
  6. Nasarawa State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development.
  7. Amnesty International.
  8. Human and Child Rights Activists, both in Nasarawa State and Abuja.
  9. Sympathizers of Ovey Friday, home and abroad, especially in the United Kingdom(U.K) – you guys did amazingly great in your swift responses which helped salvage the situation.
  10. Mohammed Shuaibu Chanjo ( Still photographer).

None of those mentioned above knew Ovey Friday, nor does now. The facebook post did, and they swung into action.

Unfortunately, there are many victims like Ovey Friday who are suffering either similar or different forms of domestic violence with no one to speak for them.

Naomi Lucas saw the gory pictures of Ovey(felt we both should act) and instantly forwarded to me for the next action, and the rest is now history.

Like Naomi, you can equally help to save a life. Speak up when you see something; we don’t know who will be next.

……….Humanity First!!!


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