“Embrace information technological development in accounting”

By Victor Oroyi

Mr. Shina Wahab, Vice Chairman of Association of National Accountants of Nigeria (ANAN), Abuja chapter has told women in the accounting profession in Nigeria to embrace the devlopments in information and communications technology, ICT especially the new financial management platform introduced by the federal government to check fraud.

Wahab said this speaking as guest speaker at the maiden end-of-year seminar and party organized by Professional Women Accountants of Nigeria in Abuja.

According to Wahad, “As it is today, we are in an information world, so it is knowledge that drives the current generation that we are and when we talk about knowledge, it has to do with information technology, so when you do not have knowledge of information technology, it means you cannot fit into the society we are.”

He explained that the ICT platform Government Integrated Financial Management Systems otherwise knowns as GIFMIS enables the federal government to check it’s expenditure and resources at any given time and eliminate sharp practices the financial systems.

“GIFMIS is an acronym which simply meanings Government Integrated Financial Management Systems, a platform been used by the Federal Government of Nigeria to manage public finances and resources. It compasses a lot of things from the planning up to execution of stages.

“It is through GIFMS that everything that has do with government financial activities are carried out. GIFMIS have a lot of ways it can check corruption in the system. It preaches openness, transparency and accountability.

“The way government is going now every soon you will discover that up to the procure activities, you cannot do anything without going through the GIFMS platform, it means government can access whatever transaction that is going on at any point in time, that is the beauty of it.

He emphasized that, GIFMIS encourages transparency, accountability and openness in the public financial management as well as every other activity of government which includes human resource management because it ensures nothing is been done without following due process and this due process at any point in time, can easily be accessed.


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