Lawmaker laments lack Roads linking LG Headquarters in Oporoma

Hon. Preye Oseke, a member of the House of Representatives representing Southern Ijaw Federal Constituency has lamented the lack of internal roads linking the headquarters of the Southern Ijaw Local Government Area, Oporoma by both the state and federal governments.

Speaking to our correspondent in his office in Abuja, Oseke said despite several promises made by previous and present governments in Bayelsa State especially the Henry Seriake-administration, the construction of the link road to Oporoma has remain a sham.

According to him, Southern Ijaw is the largest federal constituency and local government area but do not have any federal road that is running in to the interlands adding that it

He said, “It is expected that some of those federal roads that is supposed to connect most of the local government headquarters to the federal roads is supposed to be embarked upon by the state government.

“We are also aware that the present outgoing administrations has always made a lot of promises during its elections and different public forum of how they will take a road to Oporoma the headquarters of my constituency, unfortunately this has not happened and noting has been done.

Oseke, who is a member of All Progressive Congress, APC promised that an APC-led government in Bayelsa State will speedily ensure the completion of the road and others such as Ekeremor and Brass in an effective partnership with the Federal Government.

He said, the party is set for the governorship elections in the state.

“APC is set for the elections in Bayelsa state coming up few weeks from now, as expected we know that we will have victory and when we have victory the incoming APC administration has a very robust development plan because I personally have been working with the APC candidate for well over 5years and I know his capacity. He is someone who is economical with words but a go-getter who assuredly on assumption of office most of our communities in the inter lands will be connected by roads, so we are looking forward to it.

Oseke expressed worry over the budgetary challenges facing the country, however calls for a collaborative efforts between the state and federal government.

“Although we are aware of budgertry constrains it is always very difficult to push for a major project going into some of our communities we know that the national budget is a platform where you have contending geopolitical interest.

“So it is not a walk in the park, that a road can be incorporated into the national budget, so the best bet is for the state government to embark on the construction of some of this roads and we believe that when the APC comes on board this are some of the priorities that will be handled”, he concluded.


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